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People's Artist of Ukraine G.N.Chapkis leaves a comment after treatment in our clinic

Thanks to my savior, Dr. Y.N. Kulikovich!

You got me back from the grave ... I owe you ... I came with a temperature of 39.2C, the cough had not stopped for more than 6 months. I was treated at different medical institutions in the capital, where doctors, professors and PhDs could not remove my cough despite their very high names and titles. You had relieved me from the high temperature for two days. The cough disappeared on the fourth day. You are a magician! You are a miracle! I thank God for your having appeared in my life. And there I have a hope to live on this beautiful earth. Be blessed, my dear and beloved Dr. Aybolit. You have a great team of young associates. I wish you all together and each separately happiness, love, and success.

Sincerely, Gregory Chapkis