Treatment is carried out on our self-produced unique equipment. The equipment has been certified and patented.

14 self-developed methods have been realized in the medical complex of “Energy-information therapy by Doctor Kulikovich.” The system includes various types of low-intensive laser, magnetic, microwave, resonance, color, and electro-puncture therapies.

Complex bioresonance energy-informational characteristics control biological processes on the level of molecules, inter-cell structures, cells, organ, system, and the whole body.

This system includes:

  • A laser 3-wave scanning system which affects the large areas of the body.
  • High-powered contact infrared impulse laser-magnetic system with rotating spatial orientation which allows the laser to penetrate deep tissue.
  • Contact infrared impulse optically focused laser which operates on precise points and penetrates deeply.
  • Light-color-laser system with a rotating magnetic field affects not only the surface tissues, but also parenchymatous organs, located deep in tissues.
  • Intravenous bioresonance 2-wave laser blood irradiator.
  • Located above the skin, 3-wave bioresonance blood irradiator not only illuminates the blood, but also affects the joints located in deep layers.
  • Contact magnetic device forms an axially rotating magnetic field which penetrates deep in tissues.
  • Magnetic low-intensive bioresonance system.
  • Bioresonance opthalmo-color-laser stimulator.
  • Bioresonance electro- and electroacupuncture auriculotherapy.
  • Microwave resonance therapy – 6 irradiators to manipulate acupuncture points.

It has been developed as a multi-purpose software which chooses different ways of your treatment regiment while using separate devices. Also, this software can modify the treatment session depending upon the patient needs.

The system treats the most complicated diseases without any medication.


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