The Ukrainian doctor, Yuriy Nikolayevich Kulikovich, is the clinic’s founder and its head doctor. He is the author of the holistic medicine methodology called, “System of energy-informational therapy by Doctor Kulikovich.”  Also, he is the author of 52 methods 39 of which have been patented (listed in the biography).

Founding of the clinic – 21st January, 1994
Founding City -  Dnepropetrovsk.
Location – 47, Komsomolskaya Str.

Mission - The clinic’s mission is the treatment of patients suffering from complicated clinical pathologies using ecologically safe non-medicated methods.

The clinic has had patients from: Ukraine, Russia, Israel, America, and Europe.

Awards and prizes:
2000 – The winner of the 5th Ukrainian National Quality Contest - a European model of business perfection.

2008 – The Winner of the All-Ukrainian contest  “Vynakhid – 2008” for the invention of “Electromagnetic therapy methodology and its devices.” The scientific developments of the clinic have been published in leading international editions and have received positive responses at international conferences (reference to the articles).

The clinic of Doctor Kulikovich has been operating since January, 1994. From the first days of its existence, the clinic has treated patients with complicated chronic pathologies using ecologically safe non-medicated methods. The clinic uses self-developed methodology, “The system of energy-informational therapy by Doctor Kulikovich.”

The clinic differs from other existing medical centers in its approach to treatment. In the clinic of Doctor Kulikovich, we treat the patient, not the disease.

The clinic uses its own non-medicated methods and specializes in the treatment of patients with the most complicated chronic pathology such as osteoporosis, hepatitis, heat disease, disease of the vessels, bronchi, and lungs, nephritis, urolithiasis, pancreatitis, arthrous – arthiritis, osteochondritis, ulcer, colitis, etc.

From the moment the clinic was founded, we have had only one aim – to help people. It’s very important that we’ve developed an efficient diagnosis system.

It’s impossible to effectively treat a patient without substantial knowledge about the state of the patient’s body.

The treatment methodology of the patient is based on data received during the diagnosis process. During the first years of its existence, the clinic of Doctor Kulikovich began to use Voll’s computer diagnostics of the body and Nakatany’s electropuncture diagnostics.

Those were the first steps on the way to developing a complex diagnosis system available now at the clinic of Doctor Kulikovich. The clinic constantly develops  and uses new diagnosis and treatment methods.

In 2000, we started using computer infrared thermography.
In 2004, we started using computer vegeto-resonance diagnostics.
In 2005, we started using computer pulse analytical diagnostics.
In 2008, we started using digital X-ray diagnostics according to international standards. The radiation dose a patient receives is 60 times lower in comparison with traditional equipment. The diagnosis is established within a short period of time.
The image can immediately be seen for analysis on the monitor. In 2009, we started using the NES diagnosis method. Year after year, the diagnosis system has developed in the clinic of Doctor Kulikovich. It estimates the body’s health quickly and qualitatively, finds the disease, its causes and its cause-effect relations.

Now, the diagnosis rooms of the clinic are equipped with high-quality modern equipment made by leading world producers, having no analogues in Dnepropetrovsk, represented by single pieces on the territory of Ukraine.

Unfortunately, ready-made standard equipment, regardless of the brand or producer, was not always suited to the needs of our self-developed methodology and quite often didn’t produce the desired result.

Then, Yuriy Kulikovich came to the conclusion that the clinic needed to develop its own devices which would be much more efficient while treating the patients. In 2000, Yuriy Nikolayevich, together with physicists–scientists from Kiev Institute of Transport Systems of the Ukrainian National Science Academy “Transmag,” developed his own device system, “The electromagnetic therapy methodology and its devices.”

This invention was acknowledged to be the best in the field of medicine and pharmacy, and was awarded the diploma of the all-Ukrainian contest “Invention - 2008.”

Since 2000, the clinic has treated its patients with individual physical therapy devices, which are used for the treatment of different diseases and affect only specific areas by using magnetic fields and high-frequency, electromagnetic fields of millimeter diapason.

In 2003, our clinic opened its own laboratory, equipped with cutting-edge equipment.

The laboratory of the clinic of Doctor Kulikovich is the only one in Dnepropetrovsk which is monthly quality controlled by the international system BOK PREVECAL (BioSystems S.A. Barcelona, Spain).

In 2010, it was awarded the Golden Diploma as per the Quality Program. In 2005 – 2006, the therapy department of the clinic was fully re-equipped with new systems “The system of energy-informational therapy of Doctor Kulikovich,” which was certified and patented in Ukraine.

In 2007, the laboratory was credited in Ukraine to conduct research.

In 2009, the laboratory was equipped with electroche-miluminescent automatic analyzer ELECSYS 2010, which has the result of the tests in just one day.

The laboratory of the clinic of Doctor Kulikovich is constantly developing and implementing new methods. It has proved to be one of the best in Ukraine.

Year by year the clinic has grown, developed, and perfected. The quality of medical aid and high treatment results made the clinic of Doctor Kulikovich famous not only in Ukraine, but also beyond its borders – in America, Europe, Israel, and India.

Now, patients from different parts of the world come to our clinic. This is evidence that the phenomenon of the clinic of Doctor Kulikovich is of the same status as New Medicine (reference to the article).

This is no coincidence. Non-medicated treatment with the help of our own biotechnologies without any side or negative effects, the individual approach to every treatment session and cutting-edge medical equipment put the Clinic of Doctor Kulikovich on the same level with the best international centers.

The only difference is in the cost of the treatment. Its top manager and head doctor, Yuriy Nikolayevich Kulikovich, want as many people as possible to be healthy. That is why treatment at this clinic is available for everybody. There are special discounts and additional benefits for retired or disabled people.

For 16 years, the Clinic of Doctor Kulikovich has opened its doors to provide effective treatment to people.

Over time, it has drastically changed its format from a clinic of a new format to a clinic of new medicine.

During the history of its existence, the clinic became the winner of the national contests, received high awards and acknowledgement of foreign colleagues at international conferences.

But the biggest achievement is that more than 15 thousand patients have undergone treatment with excellent results.

The potential of the clinic of Doctor Kulikovich is huge. That’s why we can confidently say that its history has just started and there will be more and more patients with recovered health.