We regard the human body as a complete, powerful, self-regulating, open system, striving for minimization of entropy and energy losses.

A disease is a disorder of energy activities of the body, organs, and cells with consequent distortion of biosynthesis in the cell.

Over the course of life beginning from birth, the body’s energy capacity grows alongside the growth of the organism and its functional activities.

After the age of 30-35, the body’s energy capacity tends to decrease. It leads to the reduction of functions of various organs and systems, deterioration of functional activities of the whole body, various diseases, and aging, as a result. This is an uneven process: from one stable energetically functional condition to another stable but less powerful energy level.

Functional activities and capabilities tend to decrease up till the termination of all activities. Therefore, in order to stop the process of aging, it’s essential not to substitute the body’s functions, but to activate them using methods similar to the energy-informational processes within the body.

These are the methods of low-intensive laser, magnetic, and microwave-resonance therapies.

All these methods are absolutely safe for they imitate natural physical factors: the radiation of the Sun, the magnetic field of the Earth – the two necessary conditions for the existence of life. A quantum of energy launches a biosynthesis and gives birth to a great number of oscillating energy-informational processes.

Schematically a disease develops in the following way: pathogenic internal psychogenic or external climatic and ecological factors cause distortion of the energy balance in the body and of the circulation of energy in the biologically active or energy channels which is accompanied by stagnancy and emptiness of energy in various parts of the body.

This leads to a dysfunction in the vegetative nervous and immune systems. Blocking the flow of energy causes reduction of immunity and gives way to infection with a subsequent development of inflammatory processes.

If the immune system does not eradicate the disease – a chronic process starts to develop causing structural changes in various organs and functional distortions in the work of organs – systems – body.

Our treatment is based on four principles:

Principle 1
Restoration of the energy conditions of the body and energy circulation via biologically active meridians by activating biologically active points with the help of microwave resonance therapy. Principle 2
Activation of central regulatory mechanisms of the body, first and foremost, the central nervous system with a focus on normalizing the dysfunction of the sympato-parasympathic influence in the damaged systems and the whole organism.

This is achieved by auriculotherapy, electroauriculotherapy, bioresonance ophthalmocolour therapy, microwave resonance therapy.

Principle 3
Combating the infectious, virus and parasitic etiology of the disease with the help of magnetic resonance therapy. The effect of stochastic resonance is used: a weak resonance signal enhances vibration of the infectious structure up to its destruction.

Principle 4

Reduction of the inflammatory process, restoration of microcirculation and regeneration of the damaged organic structures of the body with the help of low-intensive laser and magnetic influence on the structures of the body and saturating each cell with energy which creates favorable conditions for regeneration of organs and energy restoration of the organism.

All methods applied in the course of treatment are absolutely harmless thanks to their nature and low intensity. Medical processes allow the effective treatment of patients suffering from the most complicated chronic pathologies without using any medicine.

The course of treatment lasts from 15 to 20 complex medical sessions which take place every day or every other day. Each session lasts 1 hour.

Our approach allows us not only to treat patients but also to prevent the development of diseases. Our diagnostic program helps us reveal the problems at their early stages before they start to develop and thus help the body to eradicate the disease over time.

Our treatment results in a higher ability to work and lead an active life, better immunity, and a balanced nervous system in our patients.