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In medicine the problem of hair fall and baldness received the names – alopecia. One speaks about alopecia, when it is noticed the stable hair fall or their absence. The hair fall can be full or partial. Recently there outlined tendency of solution of baldness problem through transplantation of hair operation.

However, baldness treatment thus has the disadvantages:

•    there can be left for all the life the scars and cicatrixes;
•    not very attractive esthetical effect (visibility of sewn in hair);
•    the long period of new hair growth;
•    desirable density of a pelage is not ensured;
•    high probability of infection;
•    high probability of weakening and abaissement of the replaced hair;
•    necessity to accept special preparations for result maintenance.

Except the above resulting disadvantages, the main minus of hair transplantation is that in the organism of patient there still left all the problems, which have led to baldness. In this connection we use in our clinic conservative methods of treatment of hair fall.

We approach the problem of baldness and hair fall treatment from cause-and-effect positions. If hair badly grows and drops out, it means that there is always a reason. For example, according to our experience, special value for growth of hair plays energetic condition of kidneys. According to the provisions of traditional Chinese medicine hair is one of mirrors of kidneys. Though, now the academic science insufficiently proves this communication. But present absence of such substantiation doesn't mean the absence of communication between problems with kidneys and hair fall.

The diagnostic program, used in our clinic, gives the possibility to define the reasons of hair fall and communication of this problem with internals. In the result of diagnostics we see that each patient has his/her individual set of reasons of baldness. From our practice we can say that not only problems with kidneys lead to hair fall and baldness. So, often in the patients who have come to us with the aim of baldness treatment, we diagnose gall bladder and thyroid gland problems. Before hair fall treatment it is important to generate an integrated picture of a condition of the patient.

The knowledge of the reasons of hair fall and integrated picture of the condition of an organism gives us the possibility to carry out baldness treatment effectively in each concrete patient. During treatment of hair fall and baldness we apply the methods comprising both anti-inflammatory and restoring action. Special role in baldness treatment play methods of laser, microwave, magnetic and bioresonance therapies.

Results of hair fall and baldness treatment are influenced by age of the patient and prescription of disease. For example, in children the patchy hair loss is restored quickly and completely. In adults with prescription of the hair fall problem up to one year the restoration also comes quickly and it is enough one medical session. In patients with prescription of disease more than two years there are required several courses of treatment.

Hair fall treatment – an example from our practice

Patient I., 35 years old, came in clinic with complaints about intense hair fall within last year that has led to pelage thinning out.
During diagnostics of the hair fall reasons there were identified chronic pyelonephritis and subacute cholecystitis. After that was carried out the treatment of hair fall, consisting of 21 sessions one hour each. After the termination of course of treatment the pelage was completely restored within three months.

Results of treatment of hair loss


bald befor l 1
bald after l 1


bald after l 1
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