Clinic of Doctor Kulikovich – 20 years of successful work

Nowadays, thousands of private medical institutions work in Ukraine. However, the very few of them can impress with such facts as 20 years of successful work, their own building,  modern diagnostic and medical equipment, diagnostic laboratory, and most important, tens of thousands of grateful patients to who the clinic helped to recover their  health and quality of life. "The clinic of doctor Kulikovich", the first private clinic in Dnepropetrovsk is among these few. In this regard, survey material in which various stages of work of the clinic from the beginning to the present moment is reflected and of interest to a lot of former, current and future patients as well as ordinary people not indifferent to health problems.

YuryNikolaevichKulikovic’s career as a practicing doctor started in 1984 when he, after graduation from the medical institute, went to work in one of the city hospitals as an traumatologist-orthopedist. In his practice, he used surgical and medicamentous methods, blockades and classical physiotherapy treatment. The aspiration to give greater help to people and receive more obvious results determined the desire of the young doctor to start mastering new methods of treatment. In 1985 the young doctor independently started studying acupuncture. Being on annual holiday on his home grounds, studying fundamentals of acupuncture by using the encyclopedia of "Acupuncture" by professor I.Z. Samsonyuk, ,he incidentally found out  that the author of the book was a relative. Being connected to "coryphaeus" of reflexotherapy allowed the young specialist to learn this method thoroughly and fully.

The girlfriend of a sister of a friend was the first patient with whom the doctor found first-hand confirmations of considerable opportunities of a method new to him. It was a 17-year old girl, who had suffered from a hormone-dependent form of bronchial asthma with frequent attacks of asthma for more than 10 years.

As YuryNikolaevich remembers, he carried out 10 medical sessions based on the classical recommendations from the textbooks on reflexotherapy. After the termination of the treatment, the results impressed the beginning reflexologist as attacks stopped, patient’s breath was restored and there came clinical recovery.

Inspired by this result, Y. Kulikovich continued studying acupuncture.

Working in an ordinary hospital, Y.N. Kulikovich combined traditional methods of treatment and acupuncture. Work of the surgeon-traumatologist demanded resolute approach in medical mindset therefore he was intent on putting into practice all the new knowledge he gained in books or heard from his teachers. However, the established rules in the Soviet society as well as in medicine did not really promote new approaches.

In the nineties, there were big changes in the country and the question which way to choose came up before many people. In 1993,YuryNikolaevich left the state hospital and on January 21, 1994 he founded the "Clinic of doctor Kulikovich". The newborn clinic began the work in a small room of 70 sq.m on the first floor of a 9-floor building. For the organization of the medical process, the first equipment of KVC (high-frequency therapy) and magnetic therapy as well as the first laser were purchased. It was at that time when doctor Kulikovich began to combine these methods in one medical session, assuming that the combination of various physical factors of different intensity gives more pronounced clinical effect. And he appeared to be right.

At the initial stage of the work of the clinic, medical therapy was given on the basis of usual methods of clinical diagnostic. Results of medical tests which patients brought to consultation were usually used. Treatment was symptomatic, and in fact, the diagnosis of the patient was treated. It was generally orthopedic pathology: osteochondroses, arthroses, arthritises.

After clinic had been working for two years, YuryNikolaevich wanted to understand the processes proceeding in a human body more deeply as well as there was a desire to take a different approach to a diagnostic process. For this purpose, the first device of electroacupuncture diagnostic according to Dr.Vollwas purchased for the clinic, which allowed to begin the analysis of cause-and-effect relationships in a human body as well as to approach a problem of diagnostic of chronic diseases more deeply.

In 1997 the clinic moved to the city centre in Karl Marx Avenue. The area occupied by the clinic was expanded to 350 sq.m, and more diagnostic and medical offices were opened. Each medical office was equipped with new equipment, made especially for the clinic w?th account of doctor Kulikovich’s ideas and requirements. In the diagnostic unit, there were medical offices of ultrasonography, an electrocardiogram, REG, densitometry, new systems of diagnostics according to Dr. Voll. Expansion of diagnostic opportunities allowed to treat the whole body, not a concrete illness and specialization of clinic began to cover almost the full range of chronic pathology.

In 2000 the clinic moved to its own new building where high level modern medical laboratory were established. It was equipped with modern hematologic, biochemical, chemiluminescent, immunoenzymeanalyzers and other equipment made in the European Union countries and Japan. Nowadays, top-notch laboratory doctors work in the laboratory which can carry out all ranges of clinical, biochemical, immunoenzyme analyses in the clinic.

The state-of the art digital X-ray diagnostic complex with three-monitordoctor’s workplace providing minimization of beam load to the patient has been purchased for the clinic. The offices for gynecologist, ENT specialistand ophthalmologist have been fully equipped. The area of focus for non-standard methods of diagnosis has undergone further development. For this purpose, the equipment for a computer thermography, pulse and vegeto resonance diagnostics, the latest NES systems (a nutritious power system) and ASYRA (a system for bioenergetic screening) have been purchased. The modern equipment and gained bundle of knowledge allowed the clinic to create unique methodology of diagnostic “From the general to specifics”. Such diagnostics allows to see not only the symptoms of an illness and structural changes in human organs, but also the reasons and interactions in a body that allows to treat appropriately considering cause-and-effect relationship.

Despite being busy with his medical practice and administrative work, YuryNikolaevich devotes a lot of his time to the development of medical science. Results of the researches conducted in clinic have been reportedrepeatedly at various international conferences and forums where recognition by the scientific community has been gained. Doctor Kulikovich’s methodology has been published not only in Ukrainian magazines, but also in reputable English-language world-class periodicals. Results of long-term work in his clinic formed a basis to Y.N. Kulikovich's thesis in candidacy for the degree of the Candidate of Medical Sciences. Tens of patents reserve author’s methodological developments of the clinic.

Nowadays all medical offices are equipped with the equipment of its own production, named “Medical system of energy informationtherapy of doctor Kulikovich”.  It includes the following: 3-waved  laser scanning system; powerful contact infrared pulse laser -magnetic system with the rotating spatial orientation; the contact laser infrared pulse optically interfaced; light-colour-laser system with the rotating magnetic field; intravenous bioresonant 2nd wave laser irradiator of blood; nadvenny 3rd wave bioresonant irradiator of blood; contact magnetic device; magnetic low-intensive bioresonant system; bioresonantoftalmo-light-laser stimulator; terminal bioresonantelekto-and electroacupunctureauriculotherapy; 6 radiators microwave resonant therapy.

All medical terminals are united by the unified software on the basis of a specialized hardware platform. The system has been patented and certified in Ukraine.

Medical treatment process integrally follows diagnostic process and uses the data obtained at medical assessment at its maximum that allows to treat precisely, to eliminate causes of illness and to provide more pronounced clinical effect.

Nowadays, medical assistance in the clinics provided to patients to whom traditional methods do not bring desirable results, namely osteoporosis, bronchial asthma, glomerulonephritis, diabetes, hepatitis and many other chronic diseases.

Within 20 years of work, tens of thousands of patients have been provided medical assistance in the clinic. Not only patients from all parts of Ukraine and the CIS region, but also the ones from the most remote places of the globe come to the clinic for diagnostic and treatment. Thus many patients unsuccessfully tried to solve their problems with health for a number of years addressing various KOLs (key opinion leaders) – from regional to foreign, and as mentioned in their testimonials, only in "Clinic of doctor Kulikovich" they received real help in combating their illnesses.