Treatment of osteoporosis women and men

    1. Medicamental therapy of osteoporosis gives increase of bone mass only some percents per year. Our methods allow to achieve tens percents of bone mass increase per year.


    To evaluate the intensity of the pain syndrome and the level of its reduction we used visual-analogical (Scott. Huskissonb E., 1974) and verbal-ranking evaluation scales. A verbal-ranking scale evaluates pain intensity using a 5-point system, while a visual-analogical scale uses a 100-point scale. Thus, according to Lykerts verbal-ranking scale unbearable pain is evaluated by 5 points, strong pain-4 points, pain causing suffering-3 points, discomforting pain-2points, slight pain-1 point, absence of pain-0 points.

Pain Intensity

Group Idiopathetic Postmenopausal Senile Steroid Total
Number of patients  
5 S-point scale Before 4,15 4,35 4,47 4,6  
After 0,62 1,15 1,28 1,14  
Visual analogical scale Before 73,4 81,2 78,3 74,6  
After 12,2 22,3 24,1 16,8  

Visual - Analogical Scale

73,4% Before treatment 81,2% Before treatment 78,3% Before treatment 74,6% Before treatment
12,2% After treatment 22,3% After treatment 24,1% After treatment 16,8% After treatment

These scales show us an obvious reduction of pain after completion of treatment.

The 5-point scale: from 4.15 to 0.62 points for idiopathetic osteoporosis; from 4.35 to 1.15 for postmenopausal osteoporosis; from 4.47 to 1.28 for senile osteoporosis and from 4.6 to 1.14 points for steroid osteoporosis.

The visual-analogical scale: from 73.4% to 2.2% for idiopathetic, from 81.2% to 2.3% for postmenopausal, from 78.3% to 4.1% for senile and from 74.6% to 6.8% for steroid osteoporosis. You can see it on this slide.

For all types of osteoporosis you can see an obvious antipain effect of the energy-informational therapy. This effect is achieved quickly in the course of treatment and at the first stage it is not connected with the BMD growth. Apparently, the main mechanism of analgesia is an increase in the development of endogenic opiat-endorphins. Then, at the second stage the effect of analgesia is sustained by a gradual growth of BMD and strength of the skelet

  1. BMD growth - the results are very high: with a percentage increase ranging from single figures to dozens within half a year after completion of treatment. Our patients undergo an examination on the Lunar DPX-MD (USA) densitometer before and after treatment. Osteodensitometry scans show a BMD growth, projection, age and time after treatment. Below there are the scans of the three patients shown from our database that includes more than 200 patients with high results of treatment.

    Densitometry scans of patient  1

    Kulikovich- Fig3aBMD growth dynamics
    Kulikovich- Fig3bBefore Treatment
    Kulikovich- Fig3cAfter treatment in 6 months
    Динамика прироста костной тканиAfter treatment in 12 months

    Densitometry scans of patient  2

    Kulikovich- Fig3aBMD growth dynamics
    Kulikovich- Fig3bBefore Treatment
    Kulikovich Fig4cAfter treatment in 4 months

    Densitometry scans of patient  3

    Kulikovich- Fig3aBMD growth dynamics
    Kulikovich- Fig3bBefore Treatment
    Kulikovich- Fig3cAfter treatment in 15 months
  2. Prophylaxis Of Fractures. None of our patients developed any fresh fractures in the course of 3 years after completion of treatment.
  3. Senile osteoporosis is caused by involuntary changes in the organism, with decrease of energetical capacity of all systems of the body. Therefore a complex energy-informational correction of the organism is accompanied not only by the increase of bone mass but also improvement of general health, functional activity, ability to work, social activity. Apparently, it is caused by the growth of general hormonal background, the level of hormone growth of the system and local growth factors, improvement of the kidneys' function-this has been proved by a series of positive dynamics in urine tests: growth of specific weight, reduction in the level of protein, improvement in kidney blood biochemistry, reduction in alkaline phosphatase, normalization of blood lipids.

Thus, the following conclusions can be made:

  1. Energy-informational therapy for osteoporosis in our clinic leads to an obvious BMD growth for all types of osteoporosis.
  2. Our therapy possesses an obvious antipain effect.
  3. It is a good prophylaxis for bone fractures.
  4. It increases functional activity of man and his life span, enhances the quality of life by activating the vital systems of the organism.



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