Headache. Headache treatment. Diagnostics. The reasons of headaches

Headache – is the phantom of many diseases, as well as it is independent disease. Stresses, hard work, wrong way of life often stick claws into our brain and tear us out the habitual life. In this connection the effective treatment of headache gets special urgency in the modern world.

Why should you go to doctor? Because all the tablets that will be recommend to you in a drugstore for headache treatment will only blunt the symptoms, but will not influence on a cause of illness. Besides, it is necessary to underline that independent treatment of headache can be extremely harmful. So, very often people, suffering from headache, for a long time administer without prescription of the doctor analgetics and other toxic anesthetizing preparations. On the one hand these preparations bring temporary riddance of headache; and on the other one – they act destructively on your organs and organism systems. Thus, such treatment aggravates the reasons of headaches and the disease progresses.

The European medical school defines the following reasons of headaches:

•    Hypertensia – in case of the increased blood pressure there are characteristic the heaviness in head and pressing, throbbing pain in nape or temples;
•    Intoxications, for example, alcoholic, but one should not exclude the other ones;
•    Infectious diseases (for example, a flu, quinsy and many others);
•    Psychogenic headaches;
•    Migraine and fascicular pains – the independent diseases, whose basic symptom is the headache;
•    In the result of hormonal disturbances, for example, in case of climacterium;
•    Headaches of an obscure etiology – even such things are present in our medicine.

During the headache treatment the modern medicine especially concentrates on such factors as strain and disturbance of vascular system regulation. And it is considered that stresses and strain cause dysregulation of vascular system. This yields the proposition of traditional treatment of headache – administration of tranquilizers, sedative and vascular preparations. However, such approach represents only the struggle against consequence of the problems in our organism. In the result of such headache treatment there starts addiction to tranquilizers and sedative preparations. Vascular preparations help not to everybody, and their action is also temporal.

We invincibly believe that the headache is not only the symptom of disturbance of brain blood supply, but also is the consequence of deeper problems in the basic organs and organism systems. As our practice shows, the reasons for headache often include: problems in work of liver, kidneys, backbone are, virus lesions of head nerves, etc. To establish these original causes by means of the methods usually used in our hospitals for diagnostics of headache (computer tomography, magnetic-resonant tomography, a magnetic-resonant angiography, monitoring of arterial pressure, etc.) is very difficult, as they establish only the fact of pathological changes in organism.

Taking into consideration these facts, our clinic has developed and successfully utilizes its own program for headache reasons diagnostics. We managed to harmoniously unite in this program the best techniques of traditional European medicine, as well as the great part of knowledge of a human body, earned all over the World, which unfortunately, were not adequately used by doctors of the Soviet medical school. Our diagnostics of headache gives the possibility to define original causes of disease and to prescribe effective treatment by our techniques, based on understanding of an organism as integrated, energetic, self-regulated open system. So during determination of problems in any system of organism we aspire not to replace its function, but to activate them with the help of methods similar to energy and information processes in organism.

Headache treatment consists in complex influence on entire organism according to cause-and-effect relationships. So, for example, if we find out the neuritis of an occipital nerve caused by virus herpes, we will influence by the electro-resonant way for originator suppression. Thus, simultaneously using the methods of microwave and laser therapy we will raise resistibility of an organism and improve microcirculatory processes. Headache treatment in our clinic is always individual and exact, based on complex diagnostic card of the patient. Such approach in treatment gives our patients the possibility to "forget" about headache, and even in cases of those patients, who before visit of our clinic have been continuously and unsuccessfully treated this problem in various authoritative medical institutions.

Headache treatment - examples from our practice:

Patient X., 45 years old, Kyiv. She came in clinic with the expressed frequent headaches, disturbing her within several months. During diagnostics there were identified the problems with kidneys (an exacerbation of chronic pyelonephritis). After the first session the headaches ceased. The patient received medical treatment, consisting of 10 sessions. Analyses became normal. Within a year the headaches are not disturbing the patient.

The patient K., 37 years old. Before she came in our clinic she suffered from strong headache within one year, and administered anesthetizing preparations for a long period of time. Diagnostics in our clinic identified neuritis of occipital nerve as headache principal cause. According to the results of diagnostics there was carried out the headache treatment, consisting of 17 sessions. After termination of headaches treatment course the headaches are not disturbing the patient.


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