Autoimmune thyroiditis. Treatment of an autoimmune thyroiditis

Autoimmune thyroiditis – is the severe disease of a thyroid gland. In case of traditional approach to treatment of an autoimmune thyroiditis at initial stages there is often prescribed for patients the homeopathy. In case of progressive disease the patients administer hormones of thyroid gland and cortex of adrenals. Such hormonal treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis is not always well tolerated by the patients and is often accompanied by various complications; and the most important thing - it doesn't solve the problem as patients are compelled to administer hormonal preparations during entire life.

Our experience of autoimmune thyroiditis treatment has generated slightly other vision of inflammatory process in thyroid gland. The inflammation of thyroid gland, similar to any other inflammatory process, has the reasons-intermediaries (infection) and the reasons that create conditions for development of an infection.

During diagnostics we often find out in thyroid gland viruses of herpes group, bacteria, often streptococci and staphylococci and fungoid flora. The type of infection influences on the course of inflammatory process. As a rule, conditions for infections development are created by pituitary body – neuroendocrinal gland which reacts to psycho-emotional stresses at thyroid gland level.

Before treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis the patients pass examination of thyroid gland, which gives the possibility to identify:

•    structural condition of thyroid gland (US);
•    functional condition of thyroid gland (laboratory diagnostics for hormones);
•    degree of inflammatory process development;
•    infection-originator of inflammatory process in thyroid gland.

Besides, the patients pass the complex diagnostics that gives the possibility to identify possible complications of autoimmune thyroiditis at organism level. They may include osteoporosis, diseases of kidneys, liver, joints, cardiovascular system and others.

After complex diagnostics we start treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis, which includes influences by methods of microwave, laser, magnetic, bioresonant therapy on thyroid gland and associated organs. Thyroiditis treatment is carried out by principles of YIN-JAN. Thus, inflammatory process is an expressed JAN process, flowing with the heat excess. Hence, influences immediately on thyroid gland should have the YIN character, i.e. release of heat excess, reduce inflammatory reaction, reduce oedema and venous stagnation, and improve microcirculatory and regenerative processes.
For direct influence on the infection we apply electro-magnetic resonant therapy. Correctly defined periodicity of therapy allows to achieve effect of stochastic resonance and to suppress the originator.
Influences through the system of biologically active points of a man restore energy circulation in body of the patient. It gives us the possibility to restore neuroendocrinal and neuroregulatory processes in organism, to improve pituitary body functioning, thereby braking pathological vicious circle.

Application of laser and magnetic therapy strengthens immunity and protective forces of an organism that promotes thyroid gland restoration.

Duration of treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis depends on degree of thyroid gland lesion, activity of inflammatory process, prescription of disease, and comprises 20-40 medical sessions with duration of 1 hour.

Our complex treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis gives the possibility to achieve a steady positive take without side effects almost in each specific case.

Treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis – an example from our practice

Patient C., came in clinic with the purpose of treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis. The patient has been administering hormones (L-thyroxin) within two years. The patient came in clinic with complaints about the numbness of the upper extremities, pressing sensation in throat, frequent headache, weight set (20 kg during 2 years), pain in the right hypochondrium and nagging pains in the region of liver.

During examination there were revealed:
•    herpes virus in pituitary body and in occipital nerve;
•    fungi in a pancreas;
•    cytomegaly virus in lien, liver and pancreas;
•    streptococcus disputes in kidneys.

After the carried out course of treatment the patient has got rid of all infections.
There is visible positive dynamics on US, where there has been observed the augmentation of volume of thyroid gland in 1.5 times. Before treatment the patient had the tendency to thyroid gland reduction. In addition, there improved the thyroid gland structure. Positive changes were also observed at US of other internals. In kidneys the quantity of alkaline includings decreased, the liver decreased and its structure normalized, the pancreas structure also normalized.
Blood indicators were normalized. Antibodies to peroxidase are within the norm.
According to the patient after the passed treatment she feels very well.
Below are the examination results of Patient C. before and after treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis.

Treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis - Results of examination


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