Diseases in which the effect of our treatment is most explicitly seen:

Diseases of internals:
1. Ulcer disease;
2. Chronic gastroduodenitis;
3. Chronic gastritis;
4. Chronic cholecystitis;
5. Helminthic invasion;
6. Chronic pancreatitis;
7. Chronic enterocolitis, haemorrhoids;
8. Chronic hepatitis;
9. Chronic glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis;
10. Chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia;
11. Essential hypertension;
12. Tachycardia;
13. Coronary heart disease; the state after myocardial infarction;
14. Allergy;
15. Thyroid gland diseases;
16. Headaches.

Nervous system diseases:
1. Infantile cerebral paralysis;
2. Epilepsy;
3. Disseminated sclerosis;
4. Parkinson's disease;
5. Vegeto-vascular dystonia;
6. Neuralgia of trigeminal area;
7. Consequences of ischemic stroke as hemiparesis;
8. Cerebral atherosclerosis;
9. Tics, enuresis;
10. Neuroses;
11. Migraine;
12. Stammering;
13. General speech abnormality;
14. Mental retardation.

Locomotor apparatus:
1. Osteochondrosis and its neurologic manifestations;
2. Sciatica;
3. Deforming arthrosis of joints;
4. Rheumatoid arthritis;
5. Aseptic necrosis of the whirlbone of children and adults;
6. Osteoporosis, osteopenia;
7. Vegeto-dystrophic symptoms;
8. Bekhterev’s disease;
9. Obliterating endarteritis and atherosclerosis of vessels of lower extremities;
10. Trombophlebitis of deep veins of lower extremities;
11. Lymphostasis of vessels of lower extremities;
12. Congenital and acquired deformations of extremities of children (congenital hip dislocation, clubfoot, torticollis, curvatures of knee joint, shins);
13. Consequences of sport injuries of adults and children;
14. Posttraumatic and postoperational rehabilitation.

Urological diseases:
1. Chronic cystitis;
2. Chronic prostatitis;
3. Chronic epididymitis;
4. Chronic pyelonephritis;
5. Kidney cyst;
6. Urolithiasis.

Gynecological disorders:
1. Chronic salpingo-oophoritis (adnexitis);
2. Chronic endometritis;
3. Preventive measures and treatment of peritoneal commissures after gynaecological operations;
4. Menstrual cycle disorders at the age of 14-15;
5. Premenstrual pains;
6. Climacteric disorders;
7. Excessive pilosis;
8. Infertility.

Diseases of ENT organs:
1. External otitis;
2. Tubootitis;
3. Otitis catarrhalis;
4. Chronic tonsillitis;
5. Rhinitis;
6. Laser surgical treatment for snoring.

Eye diseases:
1. Medium and high scale myopia;
2. Hypermetropia;
3. Amblyopia (strabismic, refractive, amblyopia of obscure origin);
4. Convergent and divergent strabismus;
5. Acute conjunctivitis.
5. Acute conjunctivitis.

Skin diseases:
1. Psoriasis;
2. Dermatitis;
3. Eczema;
4. Acne.

Children who are frequently ill.

Syndrome of chronic tiredness.

Nutrition program and dietetics.


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