Chronic hepatitis. Hepatitis treatment. Diagnostics

At present the hepatitis is often met disease of a liver. Hepatitis treatment represents a difficult medical problem. It is considered that the main cause of hepatitis is viruses A, B, Ch, D and others. Today the problem "Hepatitis treatment and diagnostics" is traversed in Internet in sufficient volume. In this connection, hereinafter we will concentrate on the peculiarities of our approach to the hepatitis treatment.

There is big enough group of the patients suffering liver diseases without indentified known viruses of hepatitis A, B, C, D. At the same time people complain of heaviness and pain in the right hypochondrium, various dyspeptic phenomena and headaches. During US of such patients we often observe various structural changes: from diffusive disturbances to an adipose degeneration. Biochemical tests can be both normal, and have slight increase of enzymes and bilirubins. Such patients usually come to us with the diagnosis of hepatosis and they administrate for maintenance of liver condition various hepatoprotectors.

Our complex diagnostics of hepatitis gives the possibility to assess liver condition, entire condition of the patient and also to define the reasons of complaints.

The liver can suffer from the infectious agent, bile passages changes, and disturbances in gall bladder work. The increased bilirubins are indicative of disturbances in the part of bile passages and a gall bladder in hepatic complex along with maintenance within the norm of other indicators.
During liver diagnostics for infections except the main viruses of hepatitis A, B, C and D there are often identified staphylococci, streptococci, fungi, the elementary parasites and viruses of herpes group.Such diagnostic information gives us the possibility to etiologically carefully treat hepatitis precisely.

Hepatitis treatment includes:

•    electromagnetic resonant therapy for struggle against the virus agent;
•    magnetic and laser therapy for saturation of organism cells with energy;
•    microwave therapy for restoration of power of an organ and an organism in whole.

Our treatment of hepatitis gives the possibility to release liver from infections, to clear cells from waste, to improve their work, to increase local and general immunity. Such tactics of treatment gives the chance to restore and rejuvenate a liver.

In addition, it is necessary to note that according to our observations kidneys diseases are the important forming factor in case of hepatitis. These observations may be easily explained from the point of view of east energetic medicine. The matter is that according to the eastern canons a liver accepts power of wind and growth and corresponds in figurative understanding to a tree symbol. Kidneys are associated with energy of water and they feed liver with the help of power system. In other words the tree grows well, when it is watered plentifully. In case of disturbances in kidneys work they don't have enough energy to feed a liver. Therefore, during treatment of hepatitis we necessarily restore the work of kidneys.

Various inflammatory diseases may be the consequence of smouldering diseases of liver and hepatitis. So, for example, liver problems often serve as a principal cause of occurrence of arthritises. Therefore, during treatment of arthritis we obligatory normalize liver function.

Example of treatment of hepatitis

Patient F., 47 years old, came in clinic with complaints about sharp delicacy, fast fatigability, pains in the right hypochondrium and periodic bitterness in a mouth. The state of health has been worsening for the last 6 months. She was periodically treated with the help of medicines, but her condition became better only temporarily.
During examination (VRD) there is found hepatitis C, on US – increase of liver by 3cm, damages of liver structure, biochemical indicators of a blood are patholologically changed.
After diagnostics there is started the hepatitis treatment according to the Clinic technique.
The state of health improved after the 5th session, pains and bitterness in a mouth disappeared, working capacity considerably increased.
In the results of control tests the indicators of organism systems were considerably improved, i.e. the sizes of liver were normalized, biochemical indicators of a blood were also normalized. The patient returned to usual rhythm of life, became vigorous, and grew thin by 15kg. With the preventive purpose she passes treatment with shorter courses once per 6-7 months.

All methods used for treatment of hepatitis, are absolutely harmless due to the naturalness for an organism and low intensity. Medical processes give the possibility to help the patients with hepatitis without medicines and at the same time very effectively. In the result of treatment the pains disappear, appetite is restored, overall health improves, inflammatory process and an infection escape.


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