Diabetes. Diabetes treatment

Diabetes – is the disease of endocrine system developing due to lack of insulin and leading to increase of level of glucose in blood.

Traditional treatment of diabetes – is absolutely symptomatic and substitutive one, which doesn't influence on etiology. Unfortunately, such treatment doesn't prevent the development of complications, such as nephropathy, polyneuropathy, obliterating atherosclerosis of vessels of the lower extremities, diabetic retinopathy, etc.

Diabetes treatment in our clinic differs from traditional one and gives the possibility to prevent occurrence of complications of this disease.

Now the traditional medicine doesn't consider the infectious component at diabetes treatment. In our opinion the infection is the reason-intermediary in diabetes development. Diabetes is classified into two basic types – the first and the second, but in our opinion such division is rather conditional. Frequently, during examination we find out the same infections in the patients with diabetes of the first and second type.

It is considered that genetic predisposition is the primary factor of occurrence of diabetes of the 2nd type. Among the reasons of the 1st type diabetes development there are named stresses, pancreatitis, hepatosis, etc. We consider that all these factors create certain negative conditions, breaking neuro-endocrine regulation and providing soil for development of the infectious agent. In the role of such agents often act viruses of herpes group, which basically localize in nervous plexuses. I case of presence of the listed above favourable conditions they may spread to pancreas tail, causing the degenerative process affecting islet of Langerhans. It often leads to development of diabetes of various severity, depending on the age, accompanying diseases (especially liver diseases) and presence of stressful situations (especially in children).

Our complex diagnostic program allows to define a condition of the affected organs and to identify the infections-intermediaries that directly cause the disease. Such diagnostic information gives us the possibility to treat diabetes in an etiopathogenic way, i.e. to influence both the reason and mechanism of the disease development.

Techniques of diabetes treatment, used in our clinic, allow not only to lower sugar level in blood, but also to prevent the development of various complications.

Such severe disease as diabetes demands the complex approach to treatment and use of all knowledge earned by mankind. Therefore, we recommend to add our diabetes treatment to traditional therapy for achievement of more expressed result.

Diabetes treatment – an example from our practice

Patient G., 62 years old, suffers from diabetes for about 15 years. Against this disease there is developed nephropathy. Besides, the patient suffered from the constant pains, causing damage to ambulation ability and strengthening at night.

The diabetes treatment carried out for the patient gave the possibility to normalize dream, to improve working capacity, practically to get rid of painful sensations and, the most important thing – to liquidate acute inflammatory process without application of medicines.


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