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Today the problem of acne or vulgar blackheads is very widespread. With ever increasing frequency it disturbs not only youth, but also people of elder age. In literature one can find many reasons for acneiform rash (blackheads). The named reasons include beginning from hormonal splash at puberty up to improper feeding in fast food. It is thought that the stress, ecology, wrong hygiene also influence on the occurrence of acne and blackheads.

From our point of view acneiform rash can be cured only in case when there is treated not only skin, but also the internal problems, promoting the development of dermal infection and occurrence of acnes.

Our diagnostic program gives us the possibility to approach the acne treatment problem from the point of view of integrity and cause-and-effect. In the result of diagnostics we know what happens with skin, what infections cause acneiform rash, resonant frequencies of originators, and the most important thing – reasons, which have led to occurrence of infection. According to our practical experience the most frequent main cause of dermal infections and acneiform rash development is pancreas and liver problems. Therefore, during diagnostics of acne it is important for us not only the condition of integuments, but also the condition of internals, their structural, functional and energetic condition.

Such approach allows to treat acneiform rash absolutely precisely and to get rid of acnes forever. Duration of acne treatment course is 20-30 sessions. However, one of the peculiarities of this disease is that not all the acnes are removed at once. For carrying out of changes and organism restoration we need time. The maximum effect is observed in 3-4 months after course of acneiform rash treatment.

Now we have the possibility to considerably accelerate the process of removal of problematic acneiform rash with the use of the equipment for photodynamic therapy of new generation – TOP SPECTRA. Modern LED technologies provide narrow-band light radiation. The acne treatment mechanism is based on photosynthesis mechanisms activation for production of oxygen that leads to fast suppression of the bacteria causing acnes. In addition light radiation stimulates organism cells that promotes process of recovery and reduces inflammation causing acnes. High spectral cleanliness of radiation means absence of ultra-violet, infra-red and other kinds of unnecessary in our case radiations that increases selectivity and efficiency of acne treatment.

The use of only TOP SPECTRA device gives the possibility to effectively treat acnes, but doesn't solve internal problems of organism. In this connection the probability of acne relapses is high. Therefore, we are convinced that the ideal variant is the combination of these two techniques, especially for patients suffering from acne for a long time and which have already passed a lot of ineffective courses of treatment.

These technologies are used with success not only for treatment of acneiform rash but also for skin photorejuvenation. We provide safe and effective treatment for reduction of cords and folds, removal of a nevus pigmentosis and maintenance of the increased smoothness of skin.

Acne (acneiform rash) treatment example:

Girl Н., 14 years old, came in clinic with acneiform rash on the skin of face and breast.
During diagnostics there was identified the mite-borne lesion of skin and streptococcal infection. It was defined that the main reason for acne was streptococcal lesion of pancreas.
For acneiform rash treatment there were carried out 20 medical sessions. In the course of treatment the skin condition improved by approximately 50 %. And within three months after treatment, integuments were completely cleared.


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