Snore. How to get rid of? - Treatment of snore with laser

Snore – is the condition which emerges almost in half of adult population of the planet; more often – in the age after forty years. Both men and women equally suffer from snore.

The snore (Rhonchopathia) is not the disease, but it creates certain inconveniences and problems. Such “patient” has worse rest and, naturally, works worse, hardly can agree to spend the night on a visit or to spend holiday in rest houses, sanatoria.

In this connection many people are interested how to get rid of snore?
The existing up to present time surgical treatment of snore includes a series of stages:
•    surgical correction of nasal breath;
•    surgical treatment of adenoid diseases and hypertrophy of palatine tonsils;
•    expansion of throat lumen – paratopharyngoplasty.

With the purpose there are carried out some preparatory stage-by-stage operations which, together with the regenerative period between them, occupy 3 and more months. Practically, all the methods of surgical treatment of snore, used till now, are rather “bloody”, painful and demand obligatory stay in hospital. Creation and introduction into practice of laser surgical devices gave the possibility of new approach towards the problem operative snore treatment.

In the “Clinic of doctor Kulikovich” we apply modern, highly effective method of snore treatment with the use of modern semi-conductive laser-surgical equipment.

Due to this device our snore treatment excludes the range of peculiarities of the traditional approach and preparatory stages – resection of a soft palate, uvula, palatal handles, as well as the long regenerative period after resection with presence of seams in naso- and oropharynx.

Operation on snore riddance lasts for 30-50 minutes and is carried out under local anaesthesia. The peculiarity of this laser is the minimum tissues damage (no more than 1-1.5mm from light pipe) and instant coagulating of blood vessels. Therefore, there is almost no bleeding during and after operation. Snore treatment with the laser is carried out outpatiently and does not demand stay in a hospital, since laser wounds don't need any specific care.

Snore treatment with the help of this technique has no contraindications. And the most important thing is that there are no any complications and unsatisfactory results. We carried out more than 1000 operations in patients from different regions of the country suffering this problem. 93% of the “patients” that made operation in our clinic according to this technique got rid of snore completely.
This technique for snore treatment is unique and at present there are no techniques similar to it in Ukraine.

If rhonchopathia prevent you and your relatives from productive life – we will really help you to get rid of snore.


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