Renal cyst – diagnostics and cysts treatment in kidneys

Usually cysts are the consequence of inflammatory process in kidneys which the organism did not manage to completely overcome without consequences for organ. Such struggle has compelled the organism to limit the problem area of kidneys with connective tissue. Thus, the renal cyst represents a cavity inside of which there are dead cells plus infection. As a rule renal cysts don't cause painful sensations. However, cyst in kidneys is a constant source of infection and inflammations.

Our experience in diagnostics and kidney diseases treatment shows that the consequences of cysts are:
1.    Depression of kidneys function due to destruction of their part;
2.    Presence of chronic inflammatory process in kidney.

In other words presence of cysts makes negative impact both on excretive, and on endocrine functions of kidneys. Often, the patients with cysts in kidneys suffer from hypertonia and unsuccessfully treat it with the help of various methods. Patients with diseases of bones, backbone, joints also should pass diagnostics on cyst presence in kidney.

Renal cysts treatment with antibiotics is not effective as it is difficult to achieve necessary concentration of preparation in the closed cavity. The only result of such renal cysts treatment is toxic effect on parenchyma of kidneys.

We developed in our clinic our own technique of renal cysts treatment. High efficiency of this technique of renal cysts treatment is achieved due to complex nonmedicamentous influence with the agents of natural character. Such influences have powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and regenerative effects.

Before renal cysts treatment the following diagnostics is carried out:
•    Laboratory diagnostics allows to define presence of cysts and degree of kidneys lesion;
•    US identifies structural changes, the cyst sizes and location, presence of stones and microliths;
•    Infra-red thermography gives us a thermal portrait in the region of kidneys;
•    F-Scan and the Vegetative-resonant test allow us to define the originator and its resonant frequency, resonant frequency of kidneys and interrelation in the organism.

Diagnostics is followed by renal cysts treatment with the help of the equipment implementing various methods of laser, microwave magnetic-resonant therapy and light-colour therapy.

In the course of renal cysts treatment the patient passes the following stages:
1.    Removal of inflammation (oedema) in kidney;
2.    Originator destruction;
3.    Restoration of kidneys structure.
In most cases our techniques of treatment give the possibility to get rid of cysts and to normalize functions of kidneys. In especially difficult cases we achieve appreciable reduction of their sizes.

Some examples of renal cysts treatment from our practice:
1.    Patient Т.: during examination with the help of US method there is identified the cyst of the right kidney with diameter of 19 mm. The patient didn't have any symptoms.
In the result of renal cyst treatment with the help of the Clinic technique there were achieved the following changes in the size of cyst: US dated 20.03.09 – diameter of cyst is 19 mm; US dated 10.04.09 – diameter of cyst is 16.5mm; US dated 8.11.09 – diameter of cyst is 13 mm.
2.    The patient K., 15 years old, during US there were identified the cysts in the left kidney – with the diameter of 13mm and 2 cysts in the right kidney – with the diameter of 8 and 13mm.
After the course of renal cysts treatment in our clinic the US dated 11/12/2007 showed no cysts.


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