Deutsche Diagnostics

After concluding an agreement with Deutsche Diagnostics, the clinic of Doctor Kulikovich has a unique opportunity to put into practice a new approach in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases. The exclusive methods of blood analysis offered by our company, with the following processing of results, are conducted exclusively in German laboratories. That is why patients receive advice from German specialists in the original language, with their translation into Russian. Patients don’t need to go to Germany, because a blood sample is taken in our clinic.

We offer:

INDAGO blood analysis; a functional screening of the metabolism and systems of the body, which is based on nanotechnology and gives the opportunity to detect the disturbances of vital functions of the body in their early stages, when standard analyses still show everything as normal. After carrying out an analysis, an individual plan of therapy is made up (including homeopathic drugs);

LipidGen; a test which detects the polymorphism of genes and genetic reasons of the origin of metabolism disturbances. Based on the test data, optimal therapy and a nutrition program for effectively lowering the cholesterol level in the blood are chosen.

Imu Pro 300 blood analysis; a detection of food allergies (300 food components) and an individual food ration, which increases the general physiological and immune status of the body and prevents the appearance of many diseases as well.

LipoSkan is a test to detect the quantity and quality content of cholesterol in the blood and detects the risk of the appearance of atherosclerosis in the vessels.  In contrast to classical analyses, which detect the quantity of ‘malignant cholesterol’ from which atherosclerotic plaques form, the LipoSkan test divides ‘malignant cholesterol’ into the molecules from which thrombi form and the molecules from which they don’t form. That avoids the prescription of statin drugs which decrease the amount of ‘malignant cholesterol’, even if its amount is heightened.  This method is certified by the Ministry of Health in Germany, and is successfully applied practically.

• The test of polymorphism of genes; a genetic test to detect the risk of the appearance of osteoporosis, thrombosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and hormone metabolism. For each disease, a separate gene is tested.


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