Osteoporosis. Treatment of osteoporosis


Osteoporosis is the most widely spread metabolic disease of the skeleton. It is characterized by loss of bone mass and damage of bone microarchitectonics with a consequent increase of brittleness leading to a higher risk of fractures. WHO experts regard osteoporosis as one of the major diseases resulting from our modern way of life, together with myocardial infarction, cancer and unexpected deaths.

In the US osteoporosis —related fractures reach an average figure of 1.5 million cases a year. Among them are 700 000 fractures of the spine, 250 000 fractures of the proximal femur, 250 000 fractures of the distal radius and 300 000 fractures of other parts of the skeleton.

The risk of having spine, hip and distal radius fractures is 40% for white women and 15% for white men at the age of 50 and above. Osteoporosis treatment costs American Health Administration about 10 billion dollars a year without taking into account the costs of long term treatment at home. Up to 50% of patients with fractures of the proximal femur cannot live without outside help. From 15 to 20% of these patients die within the first year.

The number of osteoporotic  fractures is tending to increase throughout the world. From 1.7 million cases registered in 1990 it is expected to reach a figure of 6.3 million in 2050.

The importance of the osteoporosis problem is aggravated by the absence of effective, simple and harmless medicamental  therapy. All known current methods of medicamental treatment of osteoporosis require long-term therapy, years of treatment. The treatment is accompanied by various complications. The effectiveness of such treatment is rather low—only a small percentage of increase in the bone mass.

We have developed our own methods of energy-informational therapy for osteoporosis using a systematic principle of influence and stimulation of the reparative process.

Our method is based on a non standard approach to solving the osteoporosis problem.

All medicamental therapies view as  their target either the osteoclasts with an eye to reducing their activity or the osteoblasts with an eye to increasing their activity. They are all based on the principle of addition and substitution of functions of the organism and, therefore, lead to the exhaustion of the body’s own resources and, consequently, to the necessity of constantly taking medicines.

We regard the human organism as a complete self-regulating open system, striving for minimization of entropy and energy losses. A disease is a disorder of energetical activities of the body, of organs and cells with resulting distortion of biosynthesis in the cells. In the course of life beginning from birth the body’s  energetical capacity grows alongside the growth of the skeleton and bone mass. After the age of 30-35 both the body’s energetical capacity and bone mass tend to decrease. Reduction in energetical capacity is accompanied by reduction of functions of various organs and systems, deterioration of functional activities of the whole body and various diseases resulting in aging and reduction of the bone mass. This is an uneven process: from one stable energetically functional condition to another stable but less powerful energetical level. Functional activities and capabilities tend to decrease up till the termination of all activities.

Therefore, in order to stop the process of aging and reduction of the bone mass two things must be done:
First and foremost it’s essential not to substitute the body’s functions but to activate them by something appropriate to the energy-informational processes taking place within it. These are the methods of low intensive laser, magnetic and extremely-high frequency therapies. They are absolutely safe for they imitate natural physical factors: the radiation of the Sun, the magnetic field of the Earth—the two necessary conditions for the existence of life. A quantum of energy launches a biosynthesis and gives birth to a great number of oscillating energy-informational processes, with microwaves being one of their components.

Secondly, it’s vital to activate and restore the structures and functions of the body the failures of which lead to dysfunction of osteoclasts and osteoblasts and, consequently, to osteoporosis.

A two-stage diagnostic program from the general to the particular helps us to evaluate the patient’s condition and find out the causes of disease. We believe that each osteoporosis—related pathological condition has its specific causes. For all that, we are interested in both qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the organic etiopathogenesis.

Thanks to our complex diagnostics we identify
1)    osteoporosis and its stage( by dual energy  bone densitometry )
2)    its causes and general conditions of the whole body (by infrared thermography, Voll’s electropuncture diagnostics, laboratory diagnostics, functional  diagnostics, ultrasound diagnostics),
3)    energetical conditions of acupunctural channels (by pulse analytical diagnostics, Nacatani’s electropuncture diagnostics).

After completion of the diagnostic program we get down to treatment.  Our aim:
1.    To activate functional conditions of all systems of the body participating in calcium metabolism: kidneys, the endocrine system, the alimentary tract.
2.    To activate the regenerative processes in the damaged and functionally weak organs and systems by improving microcirculation and metabolism: kidneys, liver, the small intestine.
3.    To normalize regulation of the central structures of the brain, to restore neuro-endocrine and neuro-vegetative innervation.
4.    To stimulate cell and humoral links of the immune system.
5.    To activate microcirculation and changes in the metabolism of the bone tissue by stimulating bioenergetical ferments, which leads to the increase of the ATP level, changes in the level of prostaglandin, reduction of the peroxide oxidation of the lipids, increase in the level of endorphines, and, consequently, raising the pain threshold.

We achieve those aims thanks to our own methodology of treating chronic diseases and special methods of treating osteoporosis with an application of low intensive laser and magnetic therapies, extremely-high frequency puncture, electropuncture, bioresonance  ophtalmolortherapy.   All those methods possess a systematic character of influence on the human organism and produce analgetic, immune-stimulating, microcirculating, anti-inflammatory, trophic and regenerative effects.

Summary of our methods
1.    We exert an extremely-high frequency influence on the acupuncture points using the mode of a 42-95 GHz (Giga Hertz) noise generation with power output not exceeding 10 mW (milliwatts). The acupuncture points are chosen according to the data of the pulse analytical diagnostics, Nacatani’s acupuncture diagnostics and the provisions of traditional Chinese syndrome diagnostics. We believe that such influence is far more effective and comfortable than acupuncture. Thus we achieve informational correction of energetical conditions of acupuncture channels and, consequently, normalization of functional conditions of all systems and the whole organism.
2.    Using various types of laser therapy in combination with magnetic fields we exert influence directly on the pathologically changed organs (kidneys, liver, intestines, large joints, spine, arthrodials, ribs). We apply a two-wave scanning laser influence—632.8 nm (nanometers) —30 mW (milliwatts) + 840 nm—100 mW,  contact impulse laser influence—890 nm—100-200 W (Watts) in the rotating magnetic field of 50-70 mTl (milliteslas).
3.    Using auricle electropuncture, bioresonance ophthalmocolortherapy and intravenous laser therapy we exert influence on the central regulating structures of the brain, neuro-endocrine and neuro-vegetative innervation. We apply a laser of 632.8 nm 2-5 mW, microcurrents of positive and negative polarity of 30-70 mcA (micro amperes), color impulse stimulation by a visible spectrum. A complex medical session lasts an hour. Ambulatory treatment is exercised daily or every other day. The course of treatment is  from 10 to 20 sessions.

Those methods allow us:
1.    To activate metabolism of the bone tissue by strengthening the proliferation of fibroblasts and other cells of protein synthesis and collagen, activation of osteoblasts and achievement of a positive balance of bone reconstruction, growth of bone density and strengthening of the bone system.
2.    To quickly reduce and eliminate the pain syndrome in a manner harmless to the body.
3.    To avert bone fractures
4.    To activate and harmonize all systems of the body, to transform the body to a higher energetical level, to widen functional abilities of the body, to enhance the quality of life.


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