Ideology of treatment

The following model of a chronic illness can be used as the foundation for development of complex diagnosis model and methodology of treatment.

In simplified form, a disease progresses as following: pathogenic internal psychogenic or external climatic and ecological factors cause energy  imbalance in the body and of energy  circulation  in energy  channels that is followed by stagnation and lack of energy in various parts of the body. It is followed by a dysfunction of vegetative nervous and immune systems. Blocking the flow of energy causes reduction of immunity and gives way to infection with development of acute or sub-acute inflammation. If immunity does not eradicate the disease, then a chronic process starts to develop causing structural changes in various organs as well as functional distortions in the function of organs, systems and body itself.

The following stages can be distinguished here:

1. The stage of invasion of energy-information factor pathogenic for a body, causing its specific reaction in the body.

2. The stage of changing of energy-information balance of the body.

3. The stage of dysfunctions of the central regulatory mechanisms: vegetative nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

4. The stage of invasion of an infection and development of acute or primary chronic process in the affected organ.

5. The stage of process of chronization (upon low immunity) with development of structural changes in organs and functional deterioration in the whole body. Thus, the disease progression is provided by 2 factors:

1) the saved factor of the invasive pathogenic energy-information agent.

2) the infectious agent, directly realizing pathological process at the level of  macro organism.

The first factor creates conditions for the activity of the second factor. Correspondingly, it is impossible to cure the patient without elimination of the first factor. That is why, active application of antibiotics did not lead to mass human health and did not cure chronic illnesses.  On the contrary, it caused the rapid growth of serious chronic illnesses interfering with the quality of people’s life.

The given model of an illness is inseparably linked to the understanding of an organism as the complete, self-regulating open system penetrated and dependent on energy-information stream of macrocosmos.

Example: Hypothermia of a body (general or local) causes a sharp decrease in body temperature or its separate part (stage 1 is the invasion of a pathogenic power-information factor). The body needs to warm the affected area quickly, before irreversible biochemical and structural changes will start.

The body changes its energy-information state (stage 2) and correspondingly changes a condition of the central regulatory mechanisms: immune, nervous and endocrine systems (stage 3) to condition the environment for the invasion of infection. In this case, the infection carries out a role of the intermediary, the trigger starting the next part of the response of the body (stage 4) – to warm the body or its part, as is followed by temperature increase of a body. When we give antibiotics, we affect only the intermediary, but we leave the reason, which is a pathogenic power-information factor behind. Besides, we act against the body by not allowing it to realize its plan for elimination of a pathogenic factor as well as we cause the failure in operation of its regulatory mechanisms and we transfer the illness to the 5th stage of the structural changes.

We regard the human body as a complete, powerful, self-regulating open system striving for minimization of entropy and energy losses. The illness is a disorder of energy activity of the body, the organ and the cell with the consequent distortion of biosynthesis in the cell. Over the course of life beginning with birth, the energy consumption of the body grows along with its growth and its functional activity. Then, after the age of 30-35, energy consumption decreases that is followed by the reduction of functions of various organs and systems, deterioration of functional activity of the whole body, various diseases and aging, as a result. What is more, this is an even process: from one stable energy functional condition to another stable, but less energy-intensive level. Functional activity and capabilities decrease up to the activity termination. Therefore, to stop the aging process of the body it is necessary to do the following: first, not to replace its function, but to activate them by the methods similar to energy-information processes in the body.These are the methods of low intensive laser, magnetic, microwave, electromagnetic resonance therapy. All these methods are absolutely safe and imitate natural physical factors: the radiation of the Sun and the magnetic field of the Earth. These are two essential conditions of the existence of life. The quantum of energy launches biosynthesis and generates a great number of oscillatory energy-information processes whichcause the biochemical homeostasis of the body.

The diagnostic process is smoothly followed by the medical treatment and is based on the data obtained as a result of complex diagnostic and allows to influence all stages of pathological process development in the body: from a stage of intrusion of a pathogenic factor to a stage of the acute structural changes in organs and systems. The treatment is always comprehensive  and based on the cause-and-effect principle, thus acute diseases are treated quickly for some days without the transition to the chronic condition of the patient. Chronic diseases are treated more slowly depending on degree of organ damages, but always with the evident clinical effect and with the regress of structural changes.

Example. Cysts of kidneys

A young 16-year old young man applied to the Clinic with the complaints of renal pains.  Ultrasonic diagnostic showed the following: in the left kidney, there was a cyst of 13mm diameter, in the right kidney there were two cysts with the diameters of 8 mm and 13 mm correspondingly.

The patient received medical treatment in the Clinic. In 2 months after the follow-up examination, cysts in kidneys were not found.  In 1 year after follow-up examinations, there was no evidence of cysts in kidneys.

The equipment "Medicalsystemof  energy-information therapy of Doctor Kulikovich" was created for realization of these ideas in the "Clinic of doctor Kulikovich". The equipmentwas patented and certified in Ukraine.

The treatment is based on four principles:

1. Restoration of the energy state of the body as well as the circulation of the energy in biologically active meridians.

2. Impact on the central regulatory mechanisms of the body and, first of all, on the central nervous system to normalize the dysfunction of simpathico-parasympathetic influence on the affected systems and the entire body.

3. Fighting the  infectious, virus and parasitic etiology of the disease  by means of magnetic resonance therapy. The effect of a stochastic resonance is used: weak, but resonance signal strengthens the vibrations of the infectious structure, up to its destruction.

4. Resolution of infection, restoration of microcirculation and regeneration of the damaged organic structures of the body by means of the direct low-intensive laser and magnetic impact on the structures of the body and the charge of each cell with energy that creates favorable conditions for the organs regeneration and the body’s energy  restoration.

All methods used in the treatment are absolutely harmless due to its  natural impact  on the body and low intensity. Medical processes allow to help patients with the most difficult chronic pathology non-medicamentously and effectively. The course of treatment is 15-20 combined sessions every day or every other day. Session duration is 1 hour.

The power used in the "System" is in mill watts that does not strain the adaptative  structures of the body at all as well as it does not lead to sequelae, typical for classical macroergicphysical therapy, where there are hundreds watts in output.

Such powerful impact on the body leads to overheating of the zones, receiving treatment and the body itself. In response to it, to cool overheated zones down, the body increases cardiac output, increases arterial pressure, expands large blood vessels to pump over more liquid – blood and to reduce temperature of the overheated zone. The medicinal anti-inflammatory effect in the form of expansion of the microcirculatory bloodstream is a secondary, side effect in  macroergic physical therapy.

The main effect is the overstrain and depletion of the adaptative abilities of the body. On the contrary, in our "System" there are mill watts in outputs which is adequate to adaptable mechanisms of the body. Initially the medical effect is shown at the micro circulation level, "the second heart" of the body. Thus there is a training of adaptative structures, reduction of  stress on cardiovascular system, relaxation of nervous and endocrine systems, decrease of blood pressure, additional emission of endorphins - happiness hormones that is shown in the evident anti-stress effect.

"Clinic of Doctor Kulikovich" has been working with the above-mentioned technologies for 19 years. The extensive practical experience in diagnostic and treatment of the wide range of the most difficult chronic diseases has been obtained.


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