Arthritis treatment. Diagnostics

Arthritis – is the disease, caused by inflammation of one or several joints. Patients with arthritis usually complain about pains and disturbances in work of joints. The modern medicine allocates more than 100 types of arthritises. In the USA arthritises are considered to be the most widespread chronic disease.
Traditional treatment of arthritis (used in the majority of medical institutions) is long-term, expensive and ineffective. Treatment is directed at killing the pain and restoration of working capacity of joints. Non-steroid anti-inflammatory preparations, hormones, high-energy physiotherapy, and even endoprosthesis replacement are used for this purpose. Such treatment of arthritis gives only temporary results and leads to various side effects. In general, it is not a secret that many patients treat arthritis all their life, observing thus steady deterioration of health state.

Our treatment of arthritis and other diseases of joints essentially differs from the above described approach. We treat the condition of the organism which has led to arthritis, instead of treatment of joint pain. Such approach gives the possibility to solve such problems more effectively.

In our clinic there is developed the technique of arthritis diagnostics in the basis of which lies the approach “from entire to partial”. Here some specific researches are worth mentioning. To define type of joints disease (arthritis, arthrosis...) we use computer thermography. In case of presence of inflammatory process in a joint it is important to define the originator. For this purpose we apply vegetative-resonant diagnostics and F-scanning. These researches give the possibility to establish originators of inflammatory process in joints and to define specific antimicrobial therapy. But the main thing in our diagnostics of arthritis is the definition of reasons, which have led to creation in organism of conditions for infection life in joint, and as consequence, to arthritis. So, according to our researches, very often the core of arthritises development course is the diseases of liver and gall bladder.

After we have discovered the condition of organism of the patient, we start direct treatment. Arthritis treatment is complex and is carried out with the help of unique equipment of own design.  The technique “Arthritis treatment” is patented. Course of treatment is 15-30 sessions after which there is observed steady positive effect.

As an example of our approach to arthritis treatment in our clinic one may provide the case of the patient P., 39 years old.

According to the patient he is ill with arthritis for five years. There was high temperature that could not be decreased and pains in joints. Before application to out clinic the arthritis treatment was carried out with the help of various pharmacological preparations. All the prescribed for arthritis treatment preparations gave no effect. Later, there appeared enanthesis. Then there were prescribed hormones, which the patient administered intramuscularly monthly, more than two years in respect of treatment of psoriasis and psoriatic polyarthritis.

Against hormonetherapy the patient applied in our Clinic for arthritis treatment in January 2008.
The patient hardly moved independently. He had numerous complaints about pains in various joints. In particular, the expressed pain in the right knee, right talocrural, right radiocarpal, ulnar joints, pain in inferior thoracic and lumbar segments of backbone, in sternoclavicular joint, in interphalangeal joint of fingers of feet and  some joints of fingers of arms. The patient had the expressed restriction of function of right ulnar, radiocarpal and right temporomandibular joints, and augmentation of volume of the above-stated joints. There were observed rashes all over the body of psoriatic character.

Before beginning of arthritis treatment the patient was complexly examined according to the clinic technique.

For diagnostics of the arthritis reasons there were carried out the following researches:
•    complete blood cell count;
•    complete analysis of urine;
•    renal complex;
•    hepatic complex;
•    rheum complex;
•    sclera complex;
•    lipid complex;
•    vegetative-resonant diagnostics;
•    US of organs of abdominal cavity, kidneys, thyroid and parathyroid gland;
•    computer thermography;
•    osteodensimetry.
The carried out diagnostics gave the possibility to draw the conclusions on the arthritis reasons. The initially-affected organ – is liver. Disturbance functions of liver (hepatitis), gall bladder (fungi – mucor mucedo) and pancreas (Coxsackie virus B). Results of US – diffusive changes of liver and pancreas, hyperplasia of thyroid gland, saline diathesis; in rheum complex – C-reactive protein = 32 (normal value 5mkg/ml), antistreptolysin – O = 40 (normal value 200 mkg/ml), rheumatoid factor 21.5 (normal value U/ml).
After diagnostics there was started arthritis treatment according to our technique.

During treatment the patient is withdrawn from hormonal drugs administration. After this the quantity and intensity of enanthesis considerably decreased. The joint pain considerably weakened and at the end of arthritis treatment course in our clinic stopped to disturb completely. Joints became of usual configuration. In the result of complex treatment of arthritis there were also appreciable improvements in rheum complex (reactive protein decreased up to 1.3 mkg/ml, antistreptolysin-O – to 15 mkg/ml, rheumatoid factor to 15.6 E/ml).

After the carried out arthritis treatment there were not observed retrogress or disease exacerbation.
Thus, our treatment of arthritis gives the possibility to achieve steady results: to eliminate joint pains and to normalize their work. This effect is observed against normalization of work of organs and systems of organism, as well as improvement of the patient’s life quality.


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