The first stage of the diagnostic program “from the general to the specific”

Computer infrared thermography makes registration of a thermal "portrait" of the person with plots of abnormally increased or reduced temperatures to a thousandth of a degree, that allows us to make a detailed conclusion about the conditions of internal organs, to find out the stage of the disease, to evaluate the problems of the whole body, to carry out differentiated diagnostics. For instance to find out whether it is inflammation of the joints or degenerative changes, spastic or atonic colitis, hypertonic disease or symptomatic hypertensia, etc.

Voll's computer diagnostics of the whole body allows us to receive a developed picture of functional and physical conditions of the body revealing pathological systems, organs or of their separate plots. At the early pre-clinic stages of diseases it allows us to carry out topical, nosological, differentiated and etiological diagnostics, to identify the disease and its cause-effect relations - that is etiopathogenesis of the organism pathology as well as to carry out medicated testing.

Nakatany's electropuncture diagnostics and computer pulse analytical diagnostics allow us to evaluate energy conditions of biologically active channels, points, and the whole organism.

Computer vegeto-resonance diagnostics allows us to find what kind of infection causes the disease: whether it is a bacterium, a virus or a parasite, as well as its type. It also allows us to set up an appropriate resonance frequency for effective magneto-resonance therapy.

Kirlian diagnostics is a method which captures the energy-informational state of a person. It shows the energetic state of the person by the emissions of biologically active points on the patient’s fingertips and toes. Kirlian photography of the fingertips and toes on which are located the initial and end points of the energy meridians, reflects the physical, mental, and spiritual life of a person. Also, it diagnoses the energy-informational state of the body, increases knowledge about the state of health and disease, to see and evaluate the stages of pathological process prior to the development of the disease. Kirlian diagnostics, together with other types of research, finds the cause of the disease more efficiently and speeds the recovery of the body while using compensatory therapy.

NES- nutritional energy system, developed by English scientists and practiced in European countries for more than 5 years. Real energy forces control our body. Our organism is controlled by a connecting field, which is called a field of the human body. Research, made by Peter Fraser since 1980, combine many concepts and experimental observations. The concept of the field of the human body is based on his works. Nutri-Energetic Systems Ltd (NES), under the guidance of Harry Massey, developed a unique device called, “NES Professional.” This is the first system which can decode and see the field of the human body. This device can fully describe the state of the human body field, and define whether some controlling and regulating mechanisms are broken. The invention of this device is a huge step toward the development of physiology and pathology of the human body.