Pancreatitis. Pancreatitis treatment

Pancreatitis – inflammatory disease of pancreas. The most wide-spread symptoms of pancreatitis are pains in left subcostal area, pain irradiation to back, pains of belting character. This disease is characterized with gastrointestinal tract disorders, as evidenced by heaviness in abdomen and abdominal distension, aerogenesis. Pancreatitis treatment – is actual medical problem.

The digestion disorders are generally connected with enzymatic deficiency and there are traditionally recommended the enzymatic drugs. But in such a case there emerges the following situation: from the one hand the enzymes administration facilitates the digestion process, but from the other one – pancreas becomes out-of-training. With such a treatment of pancreatitis pancreas produces enzymes more and more poorly, the disease progresses bringing the mass of unpleasant feeling to patients.
In case of subacute and acute inflammable processes in pancreas without adequate treatment of pancreatitis the patient may get on surgical table with necrosis. Long-term course of pancreatitis may result in destruction of cells of pancreas and in the development of pancreatic diabetes.

At pancreatitis diagnostics the doctors usually orient at the level of hemodiastase and diastatic enzymes of urine. We believe that pancreatitis is not always accompanied with the increased hemodiastase. At US pancreatitis is characterized with structural irregularity, presence of diffuse alterations and increase of pancreas size.

Traditional treatment of a pancreatitis – prescription of enzymatic and spasmolytic drugs along with strict dietary regime.

Our treatment of pancreatitis differs from the traditional approach. Before treatment of pancreatitis the patient passes expanded diagnostics. Such diagnostics allows us to define the reasons of occurrence of pancreatitis, to identify originators of inflammatory process, their resonant frequency, character and degree of pancreas lesion.

The received diagnostic information allows us to carry out the treatment of pancreatitis with the use of natural agents. Thus treatment of acute and chronic pancreatitis has its own peculiarities. So we remove the attacks of acute pancreatitis within 1-2 medical sessions (2-3 hours). Chronic disease demands the course treatment and infection liquidation. According to our experience the originators of inflammatory process in pancreas are usually streptococci and staphylococci. In case of chronic smouldering pancreatitis we also face viruses of herpes and fungi group.

In the course of pancreatitis treatment there is removed not only the pain syndrome, but also dispepsic semiology. Besides, in case of patients with diabetes there is observed the improvement of glucose indicators.

The necessity of timely and adequate treatment of pancreatitis is also caused by the fact that bad work of pancreas affects functioning of other organs and human body systems. So, frequently we observe influence of pancreas on a condition of joints. Such influence may be easily explained as pancreas enzymes participate in all metabolic processes of our organism. And metabolic-dystrophic polyarthritis is the consequence of chronic problems with pancreas. Therefore, the therapy of diseases of joints demands special attention to pancreas and if necessary – its treatment.

In case of children and young girls one can find the connection between diseases of pancreas and skin problems – dermatitis, dermatosis and various allergic reactions. Dermal problems, most likely, are the consequence of the disturbances of proteometabolism causing an allergisation of an organism.
Thus, our treatment of pancreatitis on the basis of the integrated approach allows not only to restore pancreas work, but to prevent the occurrence of complications from joints and skin.

Pancreatitis treatment – an example from our practice

Patient H., 48 years old, came in clinic with acute pain in the region of epigastrium of belt-like character, abdominal distension, and the increased body temperature – 37.8 degrees.
On US: The pancreas is enlarged, the structure isn't homogeneous.
By touch there was expressed hyperthermia in the region of pancreas.
Pancreatitis treatment was carried out within one day. The medical session lasted for 3.5 hours. Within this period of time the puffiness of pancreas escaped, body temperature was normalized, abdominal distension passed, the normal peristalsis of intestine was restored, and morbidity of pancreas practically disappeared. The patient has left clinic in good state of health. During observations of the patient within two years similar attacks weren't observed any more.