Peptic ulcer disease. Peptic ulcer disease treatment

Peptic ulcer disease is the disease, when in abdomen and (or) dodecadactylon there are formed the defects, named ulcers. It is thought that the main reason of peptic ulcer is Helicobacter pylori. Traditionally, the main place during the peptic ulcer disease treatment is occupied by antibiotics, intended for infection control. But very often such approach does not lead to patient recovery in case of presence of various side effects.

In our clinic the peptic ulcer disease treatment differs from common approach. From our point of view Helicobacter is just an intermediary that directly provokes ulcerous process in abdomen and dodecadactylon. And it is worth mentioning that this infection appears only when certain favourable for its development conditions emerge in organism. The important factor for the peptic ulcer disease development is the state of local and general immunity. Among the reasons that cause the peptic ulcer disease one can often hear about stresses, nervous overload, malnutrition, pernicious habits. It is noted that people with aesthetic type are more susceptible to this disease. And at the same time one does not practically mention that the leading organ of pathogenetic chain in case of peptic ulcer disease is pancreas. This may be due to the fact that pancreas occupies important place in the process of digestion, producing ferments for digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

When examining the patient with peptic ulcer disease we usually identify not only Helicobacter or Campylobacter, but also bacteria, fungi and virus spread to spread to pancreas. Such complex diagnostic of peptic ulcer disease gives the possibility to indentify both reason-intermediary (infection) and organ that has created the conditions for the disease development. One should emphasize that such badly tolerated by the most patients manipulation as gastroscopy is not obligatory in our approach towards peptic ulcer disease diagnostics. Having information about the reasons of disease and about organism state we start peptic ulcer disease treatment.

Pain syndrome with peptic ulcer is usually cut short within several sessions. With our technique a patient feels healthy after 15-20 sessions of peptic ulcer disease treatment. The peculiarity of our peptic ulcer disease treatment is absence of side effects that are generally noted in case of traditional antibacterial therapy. In addition to ulcerous processes liquidation there is observed the improvement in work of complete gastrointestinal tract. The technique “Peptic ulcer disease treatment” is protected by patent.

Peptic ulcer disease treatment – example from practice

Patient С., 31 years old, of aesthetic type, professional activity is associated with the increased nervous overloads.
He came in clinic with the complaints about hunger pains in abdomen and various indigestive events. Before application he has been proceeding with peptic ulcer disease treatment for a long-term period of time with the help of both traditional and untraditional techniques, but without desirable effect.
Patient’s results of complex peptic ulcer disease diagnostics:
1.    Computer thermography – hyperthermia of epigastric region;
2.    Vegetative-resonant test – Helicobacter pylori in abdomen and dodecadactylon, mycotic lesion of pancreas;
3.    US – dilated dodecadactylon ring
4.    Endoscopy – ulcerous effect up to 1cm in diameter.
After diagnostics the patient passed 14 treatment sessions for complex peptic ulcer disease treatment. Moreover, he felt almost healthy after the 3rd session. The patient remained under care in clinic within 5 years and there were not observed any recurrences of this disease.


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