Arthrosis treatment. Diagnostics

Arthrosis is a slowly progressing, non-inflammatory degenerative disease of joints. Usually, the arthrosis is observed in people of average and advanced age. Arthrosis symptoms include rigidity in joints, pain, and small deformation, restriction of movements without increase of temperature or increase of volume of joints.

The standard treatment of arthrosis is directed, first of all, at removal of pain and elimination of functional restrictions. The arthrosis pharmacotherapy only weakens symptoms, but doesn't influence on the course of disease. Narcotic analgetics, non-steroid anti-inflammatory preparations, corticosteroids and slowly operating preparations of gold, alpha-penitsillimin and methotrexate are for this purpose. Besides pharmacotherapy surgical interventions are applied for arthrosis treatment, physiotherapy exercises and physiotherapeutic procedures. Despite progress in the development of the modern pharmacology, available preparations for arthrosis treatment have ability to break normal activity of functional systems of organism, aggravating with that condition of the patient.

In our clinic arthrosis is treated without use of chemical preparations. Before arthrosis treatment with the help of our techniques it is important for us to define the reasons (disturbances in work of the main system organisms) that led to disease of joints. We treat not the arthrosis symptoms, but the condition of the patient.

Our experience of arthrosis treatment shows that degenerate diseases of joints are often the result of disturbances in kidneys work. Vitamin D is activated in kidneys. Many biochemists name it the main hormone of osteal metabolism. In various diseases of kidneys this function is decreased that leads to osteoporotic changes in joints.

The pancreas condition also has huge value in arthrosis treatment. The pancreas regulates metabolic processes in organism. Metabolic-dystrophic processes in joints strongly depend on pancreas functioning.
Our diagnostic program allows to differentiate diseases of joints and to treat the condition of patient on the basis of the cause-and-effect approach. According to the results of examination the individual program of treatment of arthrosis of joints is developed for each patient.

Arthrosis treatment in our clinic uses various methods of low-energy influences in the basis of which lays natural factors (magnetic field of the Earth, radiation of the Sun, etc.). Non-drug treatment of arthrosis applied by us is much more effective than traditional pharmacotherapy. As an illustration, we will provide an example from thesis of Kulikovich Yu.N.:

The results of treatment of arthrosis with the help of method of microwave therapy and pharmacotherapy with diclofenac sodium. Pains in the affected joints before and after treatment.


II rate, microwave therapy

III rate, microwave therapy

III rate, diclofenac sodium

Number of patient




Night pains, %

Before treatment




After treatment




Pain at rest, %

Before treatment




After treatment




The provided above example shows that in the considered cases the efficiency of the therapy used by us for treatment of arthrosis of joints is more than twice effective than in case with diclofenac.
In practice our treatment of arthrosis is much more effective, as we use more than ten kinds of various influences, the complex influence of which has synergizing effect.

Let’s provide typical example of arthrosis treatment from our practice.

The patient K., 54 years old, came in clinic with complaints about pains in both knee joints.
There is carried out complex diagnostics and there is identified the deforming arthrosis. The right knee joint – deforming arthrosis of the I rate. The left knee joint – deforming arthrosis of the II-III rate. During diagnostics it is established that arthrosis original cause is disease of kidneys – chronic, smouldering pyelonephritis.
The US showed expanded calyxes and microlits of 2-3 mm.
The urine analysis: leucocytes – 10-15; specific gravity 1008; acescent reaction; bacteria ++; slime.
During vegetative-resonant diagnostics there are found out Proteus vulgaris in kidneys.
Thermography – cold zones in both knee joints and hyperheat in the area of both kidneys.
There is started the arthrosis treatment according to the clinic technique. The patient passed 21 medical sessions. At the end of arthrosis treatment course the pains in knees don't disturb, functionality of knee joints has considerably increased. Cold zones have considerably decreased at thermography. The urine analysis: leucocytes – 1-2, specific density 1012, bacteria and slime are absent. The US shows that the pyelocaliceal system has bounced back. Control VRD – absence of bacteria along with considerable increase of resonant frequencies of kidneys and knee joints that allows to speak about positive dynamics in arthrosis treatment.

Thus, arthrosis treatment with our techniques gives the possibility not only to get rid of joint pains, but also to prevent the further course of a disease.


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