Glomerulonephritis treatment, diagnostics

Glomerulonephritis – is a severe autoimmune lesion of kidneys with a poor outcome.

Traditional glomerulonephritis treatment is rather difficult and is more likely of supporting character. In severe cases there are prescribed the hormones, in particular Prednisolon. At such treatment the patient with the diagnosis of Glomerulonephritis faces -> renal insufficiency --> haemodialysis --> renal transplantation.

The true reasons of glomerulonephritis occurrence are not known completely. Our practice of successful glomerulonephritis treatment gives us the possibility to make the conclusion that the reason for autoimmune reaction of organism is the lesion of kidneys with streptococcus.

Principles of diagnostics of glomerulonephritis in our clinic:

  • diagnostics of resonant frequency of the glomerulonephritis originator;
  • determination of kidneys condition;
  • identification of entire organism condition.

According to our experience, in childhood it is real to cure glomerulonephritis completely. The older the patient, the more difficult is the glomerulonephritis treatment. In patients with glomerulonephritis and with renal insufficiency there is the possibility of only supportive treatment.

Glomerulonephritis treatment – our principles:

1.    Struggle against the originator of glomerulonephritis (streptococcus) with the help of magnetic-resonant therapy methods;
2.    Influence on inflammatory process in kidneys – magnetic therapy, laser therapy; 
3.    Restoration of power balance of kidneys and entire organism with the help of methods of laser therapy, microwave puncture and acupuncture.

Glomerulonephritis treatment - examples from our practice:

Patient Р., 14 years old. The patient came in our clinic with the diagnosis of glomerulonephritis with complaints about heaviness in the region of kidneys, blood presence in urine, increasing of temperature in the evenings.
Vegetative-resonant diagnostics identified in kidneys the beta-haemolytic streptococcus. The thermography showed areas of hyperthermia in the region of kidneys.
The patient passed three glomerulonephritis treatment courses within one year. Duration of one course was 14-21 sessions.
Even after the first course the state of the patient’s health considerably improved, the pathological semiology disappeared.
The control examination of the patient carried out in 1.5 year gives us the possibility to speak about his clinical recovery.

Patient F., 12 years old, arrived to us with the parents from Lithuania with the aim of glomerulonephritis treatment. The patient had a form of quickly progressing glomerulonephritis along with Itsenko-Cushing syndrome (epinephral insufficiency). Within a year the patient administered hormones. The child practically didn't leave the house due to constant respiratory infections and was in extreme depression. There was carried the complex diagnostics of glomerulonephritis and there started the treatment. In the course of glomerulonephritis treatment the patient was withdrawn from hormones administration. After course of 21 medical sessions the condition of the patient considerably improved. At his next arrival to our clinic, in a year, it was difficult to recognize him. The boy grew by 25cm, and had normal weight. Health normalization gave him the possibility to go in for sports. The child made good progress in football and swimming.
In order to nail down the achieved results in glomerulonephritis treatment the patient passed the preventive course. The carried out complex control examination confirmed success of our glomerulonephritis treatment and ascertained clinical recovery of the patient.


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