Idiopathic hypertensia. Diagnostics, hypertonia treatment

Idiopathic hypertensia – is the disease of cardiovascular system connected with the increased arterial pressure (hypertensia). Often the hypertonia is accompanied by disturbance of brain and other areas of body vessels tonus. In general the following indicators are considered to be increased in case:
•    systolic arterial pressure > 140 mm hg,
•    diastolic > 90 mm hg.

Our approach in idiopathic hypertensia treatment lays not in treatment of hypertensia, but of reasons causing it.

Our diagnostics allows to examine entire organism and to establish the idiopathic hypertensia reasons.

The first stage of diagnostics of idiopathic hypertensia:

It gives the possibility to identify causal relationships and energetic condition of the patient and to collect the qualitative information on condition of internal organs and systems.

The second stage of diagnostics of hypertonia:

It gives the possibility to define the condition of cardiovascular system, structural condition of internals and functional compression taps.

In the result of such diagnostics we have an integrated picture of the reasons of occurrence of an idiopathic hypertensia. Cases from our practice testify that often the hypertensia reasons are lesions of kidneys, adrenals or liver.

The complete information about causes of illness allows us to treat idiopathic hypertensia without medicines. Efficiency of our treatment surpasses traditional medicamental techniques.

In case of rather small age of illness there is the possibility of complete recovery from hypertonia. We reduce indicators of arterial pressure and stabilize the condition of cardiovascular system of patients, who have administered hypotensive preparations for a long time, against the reduction of dose of previously administered medicines. After passing of repeated courses of treatment of hypertonia there is possible full cancellation of antihypertensives.

Example of treatment of an idiopathic hypertensia in our clinic:

The patient K., 61 years old, came in clinic with arterial pressure 150/100 – 160/110mm hg. Hypertensia has appeared for the first time after nervous stresses. Before our clinic he has been passing treatment of idiopathic hypertensia within 6 months without desirable result.
In the result of examination there were found Epstein-bar virus in adrenals and proteas in kidneys. After passing of treatment course the pressure of the patient was stable – 120/80. The patient is withdrawn from administration of all antihypertensives. During observations of the patient within one and a half year there were not observed any relapses of idiopathic hypertensia.


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