Pyelonephritis. Diagnostics, pyelonephritis treatment

Pyelonephritis – is the inflammatory disease caused by infection of kidneys. Infection source in pyelonephritis is usually the bacteria, which have come from bladder. Pyelonephritis is a very widespread disease of kidneys. According to certain data about 80% of the population suffers from pyelonephritis to a greater or lesser degree. According to the rate of expression of symptoms it is possible to define:
•    chronic pyelonephritis;
•    subacute pyelonephritis;
•    acute pyelonephritis.

The chronic pyelonephritis proceeds in many patients almost asymptomatically. But, despite absence of complaints, timely diagnostics and pyelonephritis treatment are necessary since kidneys are one of the central organs of human body. Absence of adequate treatment of pyelonephritis often leads to such diseases as osteoporosis, arthrosis, hypertonia, etc. Without adjustment of kidneys work it is impossible to get rid of many chronic diseases. It is one of the key moments of our approach to treatment of chronic diseases.

Traditional pyelonephritis treatment is based on application of antibiotics in the big doses. Such pyelonephritis treatment gives the possibility to take out acuteness of process and to transfer disease into a smouldering stage. Administration of antibiotics is an attempt to replace organism functions in the struggle against the infection. The consequence of such replacement is immunity depression (both general and local) that doesn't promote victory over the infection and effective pyelonephritis treatment as a whole.

Herbal treatment is also insufficiently effective way of this disease treatment.
Pyelonephritis treatment in our clinic is carried out without application of any antibacterial preparations. The technique of diagnostics and pyelonephritis treatment is patented. Efficiency of our pyelonephritis treatment is high, and according to statistics is about 95 %.

Before the treatment the patient passes complex examination. Pyelonephritis diagnostics includes both the methods used widely in many medical institutions (US, laboratory diagnostics) and other, less widespread methods and techniques. Out of such methods we apply thermography for diagnostics of pyelonephritis. The thermography helps us to get a forecast of the disease rate.
F-Scan diagnostics and ART give us the possibility to identify the originators and to define specific therapy. With the help of pulse diagnostics we define energy of kidneys and adnexa.
After diagnostics stage we start pyelonephritis treatment.

For struggle against the infection we apply electro-magnetic resonant therapy with frequencies, selected individually for each patient by vegetative-resonant testing and F-Scan technology. It is worth mentioning that the struggle against the infection is effective, when the protective forces of organism join. For this purpose at pyelonephritis treatment we apply with success: light-colour-laser, microwave and magnetic therapy, electro-acupunctural auriculotherapy and other methods.
Average duration of pyelonephritis treatment course is 15-20 sessions, one hour per day.

As an example of pyelonephritis treatment we will provide the following case:

The patient of M. came in our clinic with complaints about delicacy, weariness, heaviness in the region of kidneys, periodic increase of temperature in the evenings. According to the results of complex diagnostics there was identified pyelonephritis and was prescribed the treatment.

After 14 medical sessions kidneys ceased to disturb the patient, the state of health was normalized, results of analyses bounced back. For example we will provide the results of the urine analysis of Nechiporenko: quantity of leucocytes – 750 in 1 ml (before treatment 163750 with the norm of 4000), quantity of erythrocytes – 500 in 1 ml (before treatment 6250 with the norm of 1000).
Long-term experience gives us the possibility to make conclusions about high efficiency of our method of pyelonephritis treatment without application of antibiotics. Timely pyelonephritis treatment will allow you to keep health, to improve quality of life, to prevent development of many diseases.


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