Treatment of children, whom the doctors consider to be “often ill”

Health improvement and treatment of children, whom the doctors consider to be “often ill”, is the serious modern medical and social problem.

Who are called “often ill children”?
•    kids with frequent acute respiratory diseases throughout a year,
•    children younger than one year with URI frequency four and more times in a year,
•    children at the age from one till three years, which have six and more URI in a year,
•    children at the age from three till five years – five and more cases,
•    children senior than five years – four and more acute respiratory diseases throughout a year.

Many parents put the question – why the child is often ill with cold?
In order to answer the question about the reasons of frequent illnesses of children first of all we will describe the mechanism of diseases occurrence. In healthy organism energy circulates freely. Various negative factors such as cold, dampness, stress and others can break circulation of power streams. As a result, there occurs the interlocking of normal work of organs and systems. After that the infection takes root into the organism and disease develops.

In our opinion in this case the infection is only the trigger, which starts reaction of the organism for liquidation of external adverse factors.

For example, the child has overcooled. In other words energy of cold has got into the organism. For cold compensation, the organism of child allows the infection to take roots. After infection activation there is triggered the mechanism of temperature increase, which is pernicious for viruses. Thus, the virus is killed and the organism is warmed simultaneously. Energy of a cold is compensated and organism functioning bounces back.

However, in real life parents can't bear the situation when their children have temperature for several days. In case of emergency of even small temperature they give their child febrifugal medicines, often supplementing them with antibiotics.

In the result of such preparations administration the organism processes of self-regulation are disturbed and immune system becomes out-of-training that leads to process chronization. The virus adapts to a concrete organism and there open the gates for other infections. But the most important thing is that the pathogenic factor of cold isn't liquidated. All these result in disturbances in work of immune, endocrine, nervous and other systems of the often ill children. In consequence the infections get though hematogenic and lymphogenous ways into the organism, there are damaged heart, kidneys and lungs, more and more weakening the organism.

Consequence of such treatment is the often ill children. As a consequence such children have high probability of pneumonia, bronchial asthma, allergy, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, rheumatic carditis and other severe diseases.

In our clinic during cold treatment in the often ill children we take essentially different position. Our approach is cause-and-effect one.

At first we identify infections, the main affected organs and systems, disturbances in the flow of energy, and only then we start treatment. At treatment we use methods of bioresonant therapy, light-colour-laser therapies, microwave therapy and others.

On the one hand we kill an infection. On the other hand we renew the flow of energy and liquidate the pathogenic factor, and restore the affected organs and systems. All these allow us to achieve restoration of organism and to transfer into the state of health.

In our clinic there was carried successful treatment in hundreds of children, which had been considered to be the often ill ones. After our treatment children aren't subject to virus and other catarrhal diseases.


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