Allergy. Allergy treatment. Diagnostics of the reasons

The patients that come in our clinic with the purpose of allergy treatment, we commonly observe the following presentations:
1.    Allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis. Such complaints usually disturb people in spring- autumn period and summer months. In case of standard treatment of an allergy during these periods patients constantly administer various anti-allergic preparations for reduction of presentations of unpleasant symptoms of allergy. In case of continuous course such disease can pass into the constant all-the-year-round condition.
2.    Allergic dermatitis – dermal rashes, which are traditionally treated with various ointments. Ointments with hormones are effective, but the effect of such allergy is just temporal.
3.    Bronchopulmonary systems lesions –bronchitis, bronchial asthma, oedema of the upper respiratory tracts and Quincke's oedema. In case of such allergy presentations there is usually offered the treatment with the use of hormonal preparations that is accompanied by various complications.

We have our own view on the reasons of allergy emergency and its treatment. We consider that all allergic presentations are the consequence of absolutely concrete problems in a human body. Autoimmune reaction of an organism to foreign substances is the consequence of concrete disturbances in work of internals. Each patient has its own reasons of allergy and the treatment should be cause and effect.

Our diagnostics of an allergy allows to establish the reason of this disease. For example, on the base of our experience we can say that children’s and young girl’s dermal allergy is more often the consequence of disturbances on the part of pancreas. Dermatosis of more adult patients, as well as conjunctivitises and rhinites are observed against problems with liver.

The knowledge of original causes of disease occurrence in the concrete patient allows us to realize the cause-and-effect schemes of allergy treatment with an obligatory positive take. Our allergy treatment is the treatment without medicines and has no side effects. The applied techniques include methods of vegetative-resonant, magnetic, laser, light-colour, and acupuncture therapies.

Example of allergy treatment in our clinic.

Patient T., 3 years old, has complaints about dermal rashes all over the body during one year. She passed treatment at various doctors without desirable effect. During diagnostics of the reasons of allergy in our clinic there were found the liver and pancreas augmentation, leukocytosis (16.6) and toxic granularity in neutrophils. After carrying out of complex examination it is established that the main reason of dermal allergic presentations is the pancreas lesion with Clostridium acetobulicum. After two sessions of allergy treatment all dermal presentations disappeared. After 7 sessions the pancreas tests did not show Clostridium.

Patient K., 38 years old, came in clinic with complaints about tussis, cold, periodic enanthesis, which usually appeared after plentiful nutrition.
In the result of the patient examination the blood analysis showed eosinophilia, leukocytosis, increased level of ESR, ALT and AST. There were found Lamblia in gall bladder and staphylococcal lesion of liver and lungs. It was the main cause of tussis and eruption on skin, pathological change of indicators of blood and disturbance of structure of liver (on US – augmentation of liver by 1cm – hepatosis).
After examination there was started the allergy treatment with the Clinic technique. After the third session from an initiation of allergy treatment tussis became rare, the cold of the patient ceased to disturb him, and after 10-12 days of treatment there came clinical recovery – the patient had no complaints.
Since the important role in allergy development plays the condition of gastrointestinal tract there was also carried out the purgation.
In the result of control tests the indicators of organism systems (skin, liver, kidneys, heart, backbone, pancreas) considerably improved; for example, there disappeared leukocytosis, quantity of eosinocytes decreased from 15 to 6 with the norm of up to 2 units, the atherogenic index in lipidogram decreased from 5.56 to 2.25 with the norm of 1.98 – 4.51; on US the liver decreased up to normal sizes, Lamblia in gall bladder escaped.
Within 6 months there have not been noticed any relapses.

Patient P., 74 years old, came in clinic with the diagnosis of asthmatic bronchitis. He has been ill for several months, constantly administered inhalator agents along with continuation of the broken breath semiology. Allergy diagnostics has identified pathogenic influence of the central nervous system and presence of pyogenetic streptococcus in bronchi. After examination, there was prescribed the allergy treatment with the help of the clinic techniques. After the first medical session the condition of the patient considerably improved. After the seventh session breath was restored, vegetative-resonant diagnostics has shown appreciable reduction of pyogenetic streptococcus concentration.


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